Who Are We?

Xrig AS is a Norwegian company specializing within on-/offshore rig service, testing and training. Xrig is a modular combined drilling and hydraulic work over rig. Currently Xrig is installed in our test facilities in Ålgård Technology Park. Nine full scale wellbores are available for realistic downhole testing and training. Xrig is NORSOK certified and is approved for any on-/offshore operations.

Xrig was the original drilling rig planned for use on the Yme platform. After the Yme project was terminated, three local enthusiast saw the potential and opportunity to bring the state of the art drilling module onshore to provide the most extensive testing and training service for the oil and gas industry.

Ålgård Technology Park

Ålgård Technology Park consists of several companies that specializes within the oil and gas industry. Collaboration between these companies allow our customers to receive a complete range of services from engineering, machining, assembly and testing.



[Jun 22, 2015] Xrig – Rig move and installation

[Jun 22, 2015] Xrig – Offshore Animation 

[Jun 22, 2015] Xrig – Operation 

[Jun 05, 2015] Mens andre blir oppsagt, søker Ålgård Teknologipark etter flere ansatte

[May 12, 2015] Opening day 28th of May, click the thumbnail information.

Invitation XRig Opening Day

[May 05, 2015] Skal bore Norges dypeste landbrønn

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